Workers, Warriors, & Winners

Sometimes pictures are about more than pictures.  Sometimes they are about showing the heart of God.

Workers, Warriors, & Winners are a group of people working together to do what God is calling all of us to do – reach out past our own needs, desires, and comfort zones, to help others in need.  Anyone in need, anytime they need help, and anyplace there’s a need.

It’s a tough calling, but God calls us to be do greater things through HIM.

These aren’t your typical portraits, but instead are intended to show a little bit of what The Jarrard Family struggles through daily.   Chris lives with Muscular Dystrophy and for years they have lived in a home that is not handicapped accessible, with tremendous daily challenges in both health and ability to make provisions for their family – all with a smile on their faces and a belief that help will come.

Workers, Warriors, and Winners are making an effort to be that help.  Please join them in various way:  Prayer, financial help, or helping with light construction.  Contact ME for further info about how to help (





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