What does this title have to do with a handsome baby boy, you might ask?  There’s a story, of course. 

First, this adorable baby boy is the grandson of my dear friends. Their son (baby’s proud daddy) and my daughter are the same age and I love him, his siblings, and his parents like family.   And I’m loving getting to know baby’s sweet mommy, who is a wonderful and precious young lady. I’m claiming this little guy as almost my grandchild.  

Taking liberties, I know. 

The rest of the story is that he reminds me of my daughter when we first brought her home from the adoption agency. She was 2 weeks old and the most beautiful baby with the most gorgeous skin I had ever seen.  If you are a parent you know those days fly by and memories are soon all we have. 

Photographing my “almost grandchild” took me back and flooded me with vivid reminders of one of the most joyous days in my life.   But taking his photos and working with them on my computer also reminds me of how special every baby is.  This boy is treasured, loved, and created by God for a specific purpose. 

I’m looking forward to seeing him grow and find that purpose. 

View this little fella and others at


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