Blended Family

I was so lucky to meet this family last year at Christmastime, and then again for more pictures this year.  It’s funny how you start to get to know people after looking at them through the lens, and having little side conversations – Like learning that Abby wants to become a photographer as I was taking her photos (don’t forget that I’m going to help you when you are ready!).

Taking photos another time makes me feel great as an artist – it means that last year’s photos must have been good enough to want to do it again!  I’d like to think that this fun family is getting to know me a bit also.

I love the look of these in town/semi urban photos.  It’s a big change from the log cabin last year 🙂  I can’t wait to see what we come up with for next year, when I hope this family will contact me again.  Have a wonderful year Moody Family!

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