Recently, my beloved dog Kelly strolled across the “rainbow bridge” as she succumbed to the dreaded cancer.  She was the best dog.  She lived to be 14 years old – a long life, but not long enough.  We miss her every day.

Fast forward to today, and my dear friend is facing the reality of her best friend’s cancer.  Smokey is her true love.  Her number one dog.  Her daily reminder of her dad.

This lady is so special, and loving to everyone.  She gives and gives and gives of herself to “the least of these,” in human and animal form.  Her heart is bigger than any I’ve ever known.  My prayer for her is that her heart be protected and not broken, and that Smokey would live out his days happy and feeling well.

These pictures are beautiful and poignant.  Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Love you Jo.




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