Essential:  Impossible to do without

We just go along in our normal everyday lives, living out our daily routines.  Going to school.  Going to work.  Helping around the house.  Making messes.  Living as if we have no cares in the world. Living like we don’t have significance.  Happy, but not recognizing our worth.

And then life gets real.  And sometimes real is really hard.

And then we find out the meaning of life, and find our purpose.  We find our real role.  We find out that we are an essential part of the overall plan.

This girl right here – Kayla – is essential in her family.  She is essential in the lives of her friends.  She is essential in her church.

She is essential in God’s plan. 

As graduation gets here and hard days come, Kayla, live with purpose, a recognition of how God can use you, and the endless love of your family.




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