This family is so close to my heart.

The parents of this group are my dear friends from church that aren’t just church friends.  They are real beyond the typical “Hi” and “Bye” that most of us give as we enter and leave the 4 walls of the local church.  They are people that we’ve been blessed to spend a good amount of time with, and they are really important to my husband and me.

The rest of this crowd are their 4 children and their families.  All together in one place, this family is quite a group.  Their smiles are real.  The laughter is genuine.  The fun is contagious.  Their kids and their spouses are fun and their grandkids are just plain gorgeous.

Recently their dad had a terrible health scare, but God is so good and has blessed him with renewed strength and health.  Just looking at these photos it is obvious what Ken had to live for – a family he dearly treasures.  ❤

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