Fire and Rescue

This young man is about to graduate and head to fire school.  I find it amazing that he is pursuing a career path that is centered around rescuing people and putting out fires in the home.

You see, he’s an extraordinary young man.  Lots of guys are smart, handsome, kind, etc, etc.  But Isaac is extraordinary.

Extraordinary is from the Latin word extraordinarius,
from extra ordinem “outside the normal course of events.”

What on Earth does that mean?  Well, Isaac has an extra call on his life, and I believe it with my whole heart. I heard it from a very reliable source 😉

He has a future of rescuing families, and showing the love of God to people who don’t think they deserve it – people who have crashed and burned in their personal lives…people who are in situations from which they think they can’t escape…people who need to be rescued, whether they know it or not.

Look at Isaac’s photos below, and if you look closely you will see what I see.

Go see some other terrific people in my portfolio at




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