Beauty from Chaos

Take three kids under the age of 7, with the youngest is being age 2, mix well with parents who just want nice photos, add some sweat, a busy photo location, and a bathroom half a mile away.  Let simmer for an hour with me and my camera, and pray.

At the end of this session, mom and dad were hot and tired, and slightly stressed.  All of us who are parents can relate.  Kids this age are full of energy, and when there’s 3 of them, you can bet they will dart off in 3 different directions.

But I have the inside scoop because I’ve done many family photo sessions.  This is how they ALWAYS are.  I just have fun with it, and make it a game.  I’m lucky that I can relate to kids almost right away, and by the end of our time together I have new little friends who are happy to give hugs as we go.

I snap photos like mad and look through them carefully on my big screen when I get home.  I laugh, I smile, and I say, “they are gonna love this one!” as I sift through them all.

These are no exception.  The Lopez Family is nothing short of adorable and photogenic.  The sunlight was amazing.  The finished product is fantastic!  See for yourself!

See other adorable families at



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